Something I noticed recently while writing up some sassy Sass was that if I’m polling for changes with Compass and make edits to the config.rb, those changes won’t be reflected in the compiled code.

It might just be my inexperience with Ruby but I anticipated that compass would be watching config.rb for changes as well, not just my Sass files.

Eg: If I’m polling for changes:

cd Pathtodirectory
compass watch

And make the following change to the config.rb file to get rid of the CSS inline comments:

output_style = :compressed
environment = :production

The CSS files will still keep the inline comments put in there by the compiler.

My set up might just be screwy (if it is, please tell me!) but one way I found around this was to simply stop polling for changes (ctrl + c in the command prompt, for Windows.), make the changes to the config.rb, and start polling for changes again.

Voila, no inline styles or whatever other changes to the config.rb.