5 years ago I bought my first smartphone. It was a Motorola Droid 2 and it was awesome.

Having only used feature phones up until that point, when I bought my Droid 2 I discovered a new world where anything and everything I could imagine was always at my fingertips. I instantly had a GPS, the Internet, an MP3 player, a video game console, a high quality digital camera and more everywhere I went.

It was at that moment that an Android fanboy was born. I went the whole 9 yards. I started learning Android development, I rooted my phone (obviously), I customized it to no end and I tried new ROM’s and early release updates on a weekly basis.

But with this newfound love for Android came an equally strong disdain for all other phones. I didn’t care that the iPhone came first and was one of the original innovations in the field. It didn’t matter, Android was king.

I had what I thought to be legitimate reasons for believing this. Most of my problems with iOS were related to storage and customization. I really enjoyed having a phone that I could connect to a computer as external storage. I liked being able to customize the majority of the phone without even rooting and I loved the fact that it was Open Source.

So 5 years passed and I was your classic Android evangelist. To anyone who asked (and would listen), I would explain why Android was superior and list my grievances against the iPhone. But guess what?

I don’t care anymore.

No seriously. I own an iPhone 6 and I love it. It’s incredibly simple to use, it’s intuitive, it just feels right. But then again, Android has a lot of those similar qualities and more.

I am now firmly of the opinion that Android, Windows Phone, the iPhone, Blackberries etc all have their place. One reason there are so many different types of phones is that no one’s needs are identical.

Right now an iPhone fits my needs perfectly. From 5 years ago to this point it was Android. Who knows, maybe in another 5 years a Blackberry will be just what I’m looking for. The point is that there isn’t, and probably shouldn’t be, a one size fits all solution. Pick the phone that works best for what you need it for, and enjoy. Looking back, my staunch love for Android and nothing else was misguided and wasn’t actually doing anyone any good.

The only reason we should care about what type of phone a person is using is from a development and designing standpoint. We need to test and optimize for all phones, tablets, computers, watches, glasses and whatever else our users are viewing our apps or websites on. It’s not easy, in fact it’s damn hard, but it’s absolutely worth it.