I recently took my first foray into converting colors with JavaScript. I found myself constantly searching Google for a good online color conversion between RGB and hex. Opening up PhotoShop or another image editor every time I needed a color converted was unrealistic, and if I was developing in the browser it made sense to use a browser-based solution.

Browser based color convertors are nothing new. Unfortunately though, most of the convertors out there fail if you include (or don’t include) a # in front of a hex code, or require you to split up your RGB into three fields or have some other limiting factors. I wanted a solution that provided comprehensive error messages, that was aesthetically pleasing and was easy to use.

One day while googling, I just decided to do it myself, so that weekend I took some time and http://colors.ivanthevariable.com was the result. I even added in a bookmarklet so that I could convert colors without leaving the site I was working on.

So if you’re looking for an in browser color conversion tool that’s a little prettier than the others out there, check it out. Maybe it will help on your next project.